Games inspire us with their stories, and they teach us about creativity, teamwork, competition, and consequences. Today, one in seven people plays video games around the world, driving an industry that brings in more than $125 billion in revenue annually. Gaming is bigger today than it has ever been, and the ecosystem is evolving and growing quickly. We’re mobilizing Microsoft to pursue the extensive gaming market opportunity, which means we’re broadening our approach to how we think about gaming end to end, starting with games and how they’re created and distributed, and how they’re played and viewed.

Microsoft has a long history as a leader in the world of gaming. We advanced the console industry with the introduction of the original Xbox. We recognized early on that connected, online gaming was the future and brought the gaming community together with Xbox Live. This past Holiday, we made another leap by introducing the Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console. We believe we have the potential to reach everyone on the planet, so they can play, watch, communicate, and create together. We will use our past successes as a foundation to find a new, larger place in gaming and to delight new audiences.


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  1. I would like to see the 360 kinect adapter for xbox one, then updates for 360 kinect to function like the xbox one kinect, my reason is it doesn’t make sense if you already a have 360 kinect, then have to buy an xbox one kinect.

  2. I have a idea for the ink master show on spike tv it will definitely generate a ton of viewers excitement okay here it is Gears Of War tattoo right now as we correspond you guys have got a gears ink project going so I thought it would be incredible to combine gears ink with ink master also securing a promo spot for you and the show gets a great new idea. Please tell me what you think. If it is a hit idea… I would love to be a human canvas for it . I am a huge gears of war fan. And would love to have it forever on my skin. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  3. I wonder if you could make a game which is Microsoft’s answer to Super Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Nintendo and Sony already made their own four player fighting games that have characters that they own, so now it’s time for Microsoft to play with the big boys with an Xbox One exclusive four player fighting game which features characters owned by Microsoft like most of Rare’s characters, Master Chief, Ori and so much more! If Banjo and Kazooie can’t appear in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, then they can appear in Microsoft’s own Super Smash Bros style game.

  4. i have a question pertaining to one of your games. fable anniversary. i cant get all the powers to work. for instance multi hit and time slow i have them maxed out and i cant use them. i cant even find them in the powers menu. what am i overlooking? the game says hold right trigger and press B to cycle through the powers but not all of them show up.

  5. Hi, this may sound very naive but who would I speak to in the U.K. if I had a very good idea for a brand new game that Xbox might want to purchase and give to one of their development teams, I am being very honest, please any help getting me in contact with the right people would be appreciated.

  6. Dear Microsoft, I’m a total fan of the Xbox systems I love everything about it since the last three years I have been working on an idea for a video game that would love to have as an exclusive. I don’t really know how to contact the team responsible for new games development it is a very good idea very innovative and original. If you could DM me I would send my script

  7. Hello! I want to pitch a game idea. A RPG, possibly space survival, where you can level up in game and optionally external the game. For example, step data from device or phone could be input to level character. More intriguing books read, movies watched, etc. could improve your character in a similar fashion. It could also be a clever platform to educate gamers and also develop and interview prospective employees. I work at a university and gaming (or watching gaming) is the preferred break activity for many. Combining the two seems a logical step. There is a lot of vocal opposition to in-game micro transactions but being able to incorporate real life required transactions to a game, not so much. In fact, I often here jokes wishing they were able to do this.

  8. Microsoft with the new Spiderman game for PS4 being an exclusive for Sony I would like to see maybe an Iron Man game or Captain America or Avengers open world also a Sons of Anarchy game or a Nightmare on Elm Street game would all give microsoft the lead with exclusive games