The Xbox organizational mission is to re-invent entertainment, led from the living room, powered by the cloud, across multiple screens and best experienced on our devices. The team that revolutionized the gaming and entertainment world by designing and delivering the XBOX ONE Kinect and Accessories is a progressive, diverse, and exceptionally creative group of professionals. We pride ourselves on a high energy, high impact work environment that empowers everyone to do their very best work.
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Microsoft Studios

At Microsoft Studios we transform ordinary entertainment into extraordinary experiences that make life more amazing. We earn fans through delivering premium gaming experiences by building features that game developers find effortless to implement and gamers absolutely love to use. Are you passionate about games and working on features which have a deep connection to the consumer?
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Microsoft Hololens

Are you passionate about trailblazing new experiences and empowering people across the globe? Do you want to be one of the first pioneers to usher in the next evolution in computing on Microsoft’s new holographic platform?  We’re looking for seasoned veterans to join our team and drive game-changing software in entertainment, productivity, and tools for consumer, enterprise, and commercial experiences.
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  1. I have a idea for the ink master show on spike tv it will definitely generate a ton of viewers excitement okay here it is Gears Of War tattoo right now as we correspond you guys have got a gears ink project going so I thought it would be incredible to combine gears ink with ink master also securing a promo spot for you and the show gets a great new idea. Please tell me what you think. If it is a hit idea… I would love to be a human canvas for it . I am a huge gears of war fan. And would love to have it forever on my skin. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  2. I wonder if you could make a game which is Microsoft’s answer to Super Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Nintendo and Sony already made their own four player fighting games that have characters that they own, so now it’s time for Microsoft to play with the big boys with an Xbox One exclusive four player fighting game which features characters owned by Microsoft like most of Rare’s characters, Master Chief, Ori and so much more! If Banjo and Kazooie can’t appear in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, then they can appear in Microsoft’s own Super Smash Bros style game.

  3. i have a question pertaining to one of your games. fable anniversary. i cant get all the powers to work. for instance multi hit and time slow i have them maxed out and i cant use them. i cant even find them in the powers menu. what am i overlooking? the game says hold right trigger and press B to cycle through the powers but not all of them show up.