Xbox Fitness Sunset Announcement

Since November 2013, Xbox Fitness has allowed you to experience the world’s best workouts with famous trainers, right in the comfort of your own home. As a service, Xbox Fitness has continually evolved since it launched on Xbox One, with new content and ongoing updates. Given the service relies on providing you with new and exciting content regularly, Microsoft has given much consideration to the reality updating the service regularly in order to sustain it. Therefore, the decision has been made to scale back our support for Xbox Fitness over the next year, and we want to provide our users with a timeline of the changes you will see. We’ll also ensure information is posted regularly in the News page within Xbox Fitness:

  • Beginning today, June 27, 2016, Xbox Fitness content will no longer be available for purchase. For existing users of Xbox Fitness, the content you’ve purchased will be available to play for a year, through June 30, 2017.
  • On December 15, 2016, we will be removing our “Free with Gold” offer.  Until then, Gold members will still be able to access and play the over 30+ workouts available for streaming as a part of this offer for free.
  • On July 1, 2017, Xbox Fitness (and all associated content) will no longer be available for download/play. This includes content you’ve purchased. At that time, Xbox Fitness will no longer be available for download from Xbox Marketplace and content will not be available for play from the Xbox Marketplace nor within the game. Xbox Fitness users will no longer be able access Xbox Fitness and the associated workouts/programs.

While our team is saddened by this news, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past two and a half years. We released Xbox Fitness as a service with Xbox One on Day One and have since added custom content from well-respected trainers and have added new features such as Leaderboards, the option to download purchased workouts, and the option for users to play with or without Kinect.

We know that many of you have used Xbox Fitness to begin your fitness journey, to supplement it, or as a way to redefine your own fitness story. We’re glad we could be a part of the journey. We’ve seen Xbox Fitness fans take what they’ve gained with Xbox Fitness and share it with their own communities to encourage others to find their fitness and their own path to a healthier life. We thank you for sharing your story and your life with us. It’s been a fantastic, fun, and fit journey to share with you all.

Updated on 7/5/2016 by Jennifer Paige to add:

We wanted to take a moment to update you all on how affected users will be credited for the changes listed above:

  • Every user that purchased Xbox Fitness content will be eligible to receive a credit in his or her Microsoft account for the value of the content purchased. Credits can be used to make purchases in the Xbox and Windows Stores.
  •  Credits will be deposited automatically into the accounts of Xbox Fitness users. An Xbox System Message will be sent at the time of deposit, viewable on Xbox One, or the Xbox on Windows application.
  •  Xbox Fitness users will receive their credit within 90 days and the credit will be valid through 12/31/17.
  •  The majority of Xbox Fitness users will receive the account credit directly in their Microsoft account. A small number of users, who including those who are not able to receive a deposit, will receive an Xbox system message with a code or some other form of equivalent value.
  •  As announced, beginning June 27, 2016 users will no longer be able to purchase programs and/or workouts. Xbox Fitness users who purchased workouts in the past will be able to play them until *June 30, 2017

*updated to June 30th, 2017 to reflect correct date

Once again, we want to thank the Xbox Fitness community for sharing its fitness journey with us. We’re proud to have been part of your lives.

If you have any additional questions about your Xbox Fitness purchases, the timeline for service changes, or any other inquiries, please visit our Customer Support FAQ at:

To check your Microsoft Account balance, please visit here.


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      1. It’s a little unclear whether users will need to apply for credit, or if the whole process is automatic. Could you update the post to clarify?

        It would also be appreciated if you could explain the technical details – surely it would cost less money, not to mention reputation and trust, to keep the DRM/Authentication servers running?!

      2. To be honest it’s not helping. Why can’t you leave these programs, at least as a streaming video??? And another question is how to use the Kinect to throw in the bucket: 130 $ and plus purchased program???? Well, if the Kinect was acquired in 2013, and if in 2016??? Resembles a financial pyramid…. This is the big wrong move for such a large company!!! Why do you decide problems careless marketers for us, users??? I’m from Russia, and about Xbox Fitness in General almost no one knows. I found out by accident only because I am interested in new products, new gadgets. When I said that, then many went and bought it. Why not Your company to a good advertising campaign, not to kill such a good project that help many people to change their lives???

  1. WTF?! People use Xbox Fitness everyday! I’ve bought a bunch of the programs and should be able to continue using these products I’ve purchased until I choose to no longer use them. I can keep playing Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One, but you are going to discontinue the Fitness program that was made specifically with XBox One in mind? This make absolutely no sense. We may not be able to continue to buying new content, but there should be no reason why we can no longer use our existing purchased or downloaded content.

  2. This is terrible news. This was a reason I got a Kinetic. Is there anyway to allow the Xbox exclusive content to live on as a standalone app for Xbox One (I understand there are probably licence agreements that prevent some of the others like P90X from being released)? The combination of gamification and feedback back on your form/activity was what made Xbox Fitness special and why my household went this route instead of just using youtube videos or buying a DVD fitness program.

  3. I am very sad to let this part of my life go. I use it every week as much as I can. I also don’t understand why I get a message today the 27th and that content is also not available for purchase any more as of today.

    No time for me to decide to get Mossa Power for example and use it for another year.. nice very short notice.

    Also sad that MS is pulling out of getting gamers healthy and differentiating from the competition with Kinect and Xbox Fitness. I am also sad for gamers that didn’t saw the possibilities of Kinect, it comes 15 years to early for some, as the interaction is different.

    And I am mad, yes mad, that what I paid good money for, don’t know the exact number but it’s over 100 euro’s is gone in about a year..

    Xbox Fitness should be made stand alone for people to use their bought content forever.
    It very weird for example that the new Xbox Scorpio is forward compatible with Xbox one and the windows 10 eco system but not with Xbox Fitness.

    Rendering my Kinect also useless as I now used it solely for Xbox Fitness, I should get a refund for the Kinect also 😉 😛 (As supporter of Xbox One and Kinect from Day one)

  4. Microsoft, this is a sad day.

    You constantly ask your users to put our faith in you to deliver us a product. You ask us to buy more digital content. Then you pull a shit move like this. And what do you now say to people who’ve shelled out $$$$ for your digital product……”To bad!” Really? No compensation whatsoever, for the people that have done as you asked and put their faith in you to deliver a quality digital product. And you wonder why so many people freaked out when you said the Xbox One would be always online, and would have all kinds of features for digital games.

    This is not the way to instill trust in your digital product, or in your gaming system.

        1. Why would you call and fuss out a representative when they have no power over these decisions? I say direct your annoyance straight to Microsoft via the forums or a letter opposed to calling and letting customer support “have it”

          I empathize, I am in the same boat – so I definitely understand your frustration.

      1. I have called and they are processing credits for the workouts purchased.
        Its still a sad situation.
        Xbox fitness was a great way for MS to change the couch loving, potato chip eating, out of shape, basement dweller persona of gamers..
        As an original Xbox Live Beta tester who played the first Ghost Recon online when i was younger, to now, older and no game time left, but time for fitness.. my demographic changed, my interests changed and MS/Xbox held onto me with xbox fitness.. maybe not so much now..

        I stayed with Xbox one during the last console refresh because of Xbox fitness..

        As a parent it was encouraging MS made fitness a priority, i was able to encourage my non-gamer wife to give it a try.. she otherwise would have nothing to do with an xbox.

        MS never advertised, marketed or pushed xbox fitness..they never communicated or wanted feedback on the service.. maybe thats why it was not well received. You have a tool that measures your movements, corrects your posture, sets goals and pushes you a little harder.. how can something like that not workout? why isn’t this dominating fitness? I don’t have time for a gym.. my basement is good enough..
        anyways.. thats my 10cents.. seems they will process content credits until july 1 2017 but not after..

        in the meantime, for those who value it as i do.. feedback so MS hears from the crowd who may not be hard core gamers, but still have a purpose for xbox one..

          1. It doesn’t. I don’t play any other games, and can only buy or rent so many movies(especially considering this decision, don’t really trust the availability of the content). Keeping the service that was the main reason I bought the Xbox would help however. No reason to keep the thing around just for the clunky Netflix app.

          2. You should add a comment addressing users who bought the Xbox for the fitness program, something along the lines of ‘sorry we are screwing you over but we just don’t care’.

  5. This is just unacceptable. I just bought the Xbox One three months ago in order to use Fitness. And I bought those programs assuming people at Microsoft care enough for their customers to not just rip them off like that.

    You decided to make this a program that does not work while you are disconnected from the server. That gives you the power to wipe out all the money we – your customers – have invested in your product. Don’t do that, even if your legal department says you can.

    Allow fitness to work offline and people will be fine with your decision if Fitness isn’t making enough money. Switch it off for good and I want ALL my money back.

  6. Are you serious?
    Xbox Fitness has a amazing community with a lot of passionated people, why would you destroy this?

    And what about the workouts I paid for?
    The workouts were pretty expensive and now you´re saying that you´re shutting it down and I won´t be able to use it anymore?Who makes decisions like that?

  7. I understand no longer updating it. But why on earth would you stop supporting what already exists? People have already paid money for these fitness programs and now they are just going to disappear? That seems insane to me. Will there be refunds?

    At least allow people to download the routines and continue to use them on their machine even if it no longer tracks progress etc?

      1. Jessica, please don’t mislead people, support won’t do anything, unless you’ve bought your XBOX Fitness content within last 30 days. There is a huge thread on reddit about it. Multiple people (including me) tried to contact MS support to see what other options are regarding purchased content for XBOX Fitness and only recently acquired content was refunded as a huge one time courtesy.
        Shame, I should have just bought Beachbody workouts on DVD and used them forever, but I trusted MS and invested into XBOX/Kinect/XBOX Fitness hype and (useless) paid content .
        Well, fool me once…

  8. My worst fears about buying into digital or cloud-dependent content are realized. Basically the message is: if you buy something on the cloud, plan on having it taken away from you before you’re done with it, and don’t expect a refund. I hope Microsoft is saving enough money to make up for the lost future revenue due to this message.

  9. This hurts. I just did a workout last night and it was great, apart from the streaming glitches that come every now and again. But that’s why you changed the system to allow us to download the workouts, right? No more streaming problems. I should’ve taken you up on it. And since I could have, why couldn’t this continue on just as it is except for the streaming? Download your workouts and use them with the software on your console already. This doesn’t have to be ONLINE ONLY. I just don’t understand this decision and I hope that we see an additional announcement in the near future walking this back some to allow some offline use, but I’ll have to assume the worst for now. Last night I was shredded. Today I’m crushed.

          1. Unless you have legal issues with workout providers, this can very well be done. Needs some work, I know that but you owe this. I am not interested in credit nor the amount I invested in. I bought 2 kinects in order to keep working out when one of them failed and changed by warranty..

  10. I have almost 300 digital titles on my Xbox One. Seriously Microsoft, go look (same username here as XBLive) – to think that at any time, on a whim no less, Microsoft can (and will) simply render those titles unusable is enough to make me jump ship right now. I’ve been a huge fan of the platform since Day One but this officially settles it. I thought the whole idea behind “Xbox Play Anywhere” and Backward Compatibility was to ensure that the purchases *I* choose to make are going to last – not the purchases the Microsoft chooses that I can continue to use. This is absolute BS and I’m happy to buy my next 300 digital titles on the competing platform. Thanks Microsoft. Good to know you don’t the first rip about your fans.

  11. Why are you doing this? I understand that you guys probably aren’t seeing the profit margins you expected and want to stop providing new content, but why shut the entire thing down? It feels like a vindictive slap in the face to the people who bought and use content because not enough other people did the same thing. I really enjoy this program and I think that it is a fantastic way to help a lot of gamers break out of their sedentary lifestyles. I sincerely hope you change your mind.

  12. Hi!
    I’m terribly disappointed about this.
    I just bought xbox one yesterday with the kinnect camera and 3 months of gold membership just to be able to get fit with the training programs and excercises on your app. Last night after having tried it i was so happy when i finally had a fun way to get my excercise. I spent last night reading about Shaun T’s Insanity workout and had planned to buy it today but i was greeted by the news that it was all gone and now your telling me that your going to stop with the app compleatly? I have a Ps3 and dicided to buy my first xbox just because of you fitness app and your kinnect camera!!

    I beg you to contact me and somehow make me feel better about all of this.. i mean this really isn’t very kind. At the very least you should have given us the information earlier.

    Please respond. I have the receit to prove that i bought the XBO yesterday!


  13. So does this mean the integration with Microsoft Health is never going to work? *sigh* Kinect and Xbox Fitness were the big reason’s I bought an Xbox. Now that the Kinect gestures are gone from the dashboard and the Xbox Fitness programs are getting dropped, I feel like returning the whole Xbox and asking for a refund since it no longer does what it’s supposed to do.

    1. You guys are awesome and glad you have not shied away from Kinect like almost every other developer. Maybe you guys should look into getting a good fitness game out for the One to fill the void. And here’s an idea for a game – make something like a lumberjack challenge, I can’t believe no one has thought of it or attempted it yet.

    1. This IS crazy. Why the hell would the shut it down?! Listen to user feedback and keep it going! They could get a lot more users if they actually advertised it….or sell it as a standalone product like any other game. I’m very upset about this, and it’s making me dislike microsoft. I use it so often and it gives me real world benefits. This is more than a game to me, it’s a personal trainer that pushes me to compete against my personal best and tracks everything I do, keeping me accountable. Seriously pissed about this decision…..

  14. WTF !! Sorry MS, i’m a great fan of MS, W10, W10m and Xbox. But I can so slowly no longer understand some decisions. Kinect is a great feature. If you think it’s dead, okay, but please keep Kinect Fitness alive. You have to spend money to 26 billion $ for Linkedin, then it should be possible to get the best fitness platform.

  15. Microsoft, please understand that those who are most upset about this are those who recently bought an XB1 with a Kinect *for this application*. Unlike normal video games, Xbox Fitness was an app designed to be integrated in to the *life* of people using it. It is something that most users intend to utilize for roughly 4 to 5 years. Please consider extending the ability to purchase add-on’s and use this product for another 2+ years with a longer phase-out period. As for me? I’ll use the new Windows 10 functionality to record the videos I’ve purchased for later use and consider purchasing DVD’s/Bluray’s next time so as to avoid to this problem entirely.

  16. I am legitimately pissed about this. I understand that there is a smaller client base for Xbox Fitness or the Kinect in general, but scrapping the system all together seems unethical. MS had no issues taking people’s money touting the premise that they care about our health when jumping aboard the Health and Wellness cash cow. But now that their investment isn’t paying out they are just pulling the plug. Why not at least pretend to give a shit and provide the people who do use the service and appreciate the work that was put into it to continue doing so. Nobody’s buying new content; Fine, stop making it. Most people who use it regularly already have their favorite workouts and aren’t looking for anything new. It’s a shame that people can still play Xbox 360 games yet newer content such as this is getting removed entirely. At least if you were to remove backward compatibility people could still plug in their 360’s. What option do we have if we want to continue using Xbox Fitness? I’m sure their lawyers would disagree, but I feel like this is theft pure and simple.

          1. We have updated the article with information on how we plan to credit players who were affected. I hope this helps. (Forgive the copy and paste response, we want to get this information to folks as quickly as possible!)

        1. Jessica, although this decision doesn’t really affect me since I haven’t purchased any of this content, what you’re basically telling Xbox customers is that they shouldn’t buy digital media content via the Xbox One, as that content can disappear and be unavailable at any given time. Is this really the message that you want to send paying Xbox customers? To me, this is a HUGE advertisement for Google Play services. If Microsoft really wants to be in the cloud services biz, this is a big no-no.

          As you can see, these customers don’t care about the specifics of the online authentication mechanism, they just want access to the content that they paid for. Whatever happens, you can bet on this: if they lose this content that was bought and paid for, you can pretty much forget about these customers ever purchasing any other digital media content from Microsoft…

          1. Hey cvpsmith, just wanted to take a moment to respond. Completely understand your frustration and concerns. We have updated the article with information on how we plan to credit players who were affected. I hope this helps.

        2. MS could remove that authorization if they wanted to. This whole thing is ridiculous. Let us download the routines if you don’t want it streamed. I think most of us would prefer that anyway. When you do this to customers you are just ensuring that they won’t trust you in the future. Please make all of the videos offline to show your customers that you care more about them than money.

        3. The problem with this answer is that it means we can’t trust Microsoft with any future cloud-based apps that we make purchases in. It clearly stated when we bought workouts that we had access “forever” and at a stroke, this has been revoked.

          Hopefully it was worth it to abandon this segment as many of us won’t bother with any cloud-based software and also won’t be needing XBox Gold any longer.

  17. Poor move MSFT. If you wanted to make this a licensed product then don’t charge us one time purchase costs for the privileged of using it. If I was paying $3/month for the P90X content and you cancelled it then fine, but cancelling content I purchased is messed up. Why would I ever buy another game from the store after this?

  18. This is a terrible decision. Xbox Fitness is a great product and has helped a lot people like myself. It makes fitness and exercise fun and easy to track progress. Scale back…sure, but don’t shut it down. I’d rather see money put into it and have it marketed more as it’s own product. Sell it on it’s own with kinect as a peripheral option. Can we crowd fund to keep it going? I use it all the time, I have bought content, and I’m not the only one. Shutting it down is garbage. Somebody start a petition! This news is terrible!

  19. If this is the future of digital games, then I will purchase the hard copies as long as I can. No warning, no options to buy, and worst of all, no option to keep the content you purchased. This is a crappie move by Microsoft.
    After the Windows 10 disaster, one would think that Microsoft would step up their customer service game. Just the opposite.
    Anyone and everyone who purchased content should have the right to use this service whenever. Most people’s comments I have read don’t even want the new content, they want to keep using the existing conyent. It wouldn’t break my heart if I had no community stats etc, as long as I had the workouts.
    This is the first Microsoft system I have purchased (ps guy), and if this is the kind of poor service that will continue, I’ll take my money back to PS.

  20. I bought 3 Xbox Ones with Kinect and a 4th for a friend. Did Microsoft ripoff anyone more than me this generation? Not a day goes by where I don’t wish Don Mattrick never left. Every quarter Xbox has progressively lost features and capabilities since the day Mattrick left and honestly I don’t think it gained anything without him (DRM reversal happened just before he left). For all the compromises made in the name of advancing Xbox One, what did it actually gain? Sales continued to flounder and now the brand is tarnished with the millions of enthusiastic Xbox customers who believed in the vision Mattrick outlined at Xbox One launch. Phil Spencer has no vision other than to exit Microsoft from the console business by making Xbox no different from any other PC. No more exclusive software or hardware is Spencer’s vision for Xbox, so why buy or make an Xbox when that vision finally comes to fruition? Kinect was a reason to buy an Xbox over a PC or other console. Phil Spencer has no ideas on how to dominate the living room and honestly it doesn’t seem like he or Microsoft cares anymore.

  21. Awful news and 100% Microsoft fault. Wii fitness was a massive hit. It sold consoles!

    Xbox fitness is so far beyond that ancient technology. But there has been zero marketing.

    XBFitness, marketed correctly, would not only be a massive hit, it’d be console seller.

    How is this not marketed in tv advertising? Infomercials? In gyms? “Buy the best, most versatile home workout system. And get a state-of-the-art game console with it, no extra charge. Works with Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc….

    Ugh this is a massive blown opportunity. A space PS4 can’t compete in. What a waste.

  22. So this is what we can look forward to with your all digital future? What happened to no one gets left behind? I just purchased P90X for Xbox Fitness last month and now you are telling me that it was basically for a 1 year subscription? Absolute trash not even trying to offer customers of these fitness programs some sort of compensation or refund..

  23. I am incredibly sad about this. The app was quite unreliable and almost unusable on my old slow internet connection. Now, when I finally was able to get a faster one, it is coming to an end… I would really love to see you reconsider this move, as this is one of the main things that differentiated Xbox from PS4 and that made it unique and interesting not only for gamers, but for their parents and people who wanted to stay fit on top of gaming.

  24. This makes no real sense. Xbox should honor the purchased content and either support it, as is, or refund the full $$ spent on content they are killing. The customer should not be responsible for requesting their money back, what a pathetic move to keep the money we spent, hoping most people will just roll over and forget about it. Make no mistake, I’d much rather have access to the content – I love it! What an utterly lousy way to treat your customers.

  25. My wife & I have been on Xbox Live without a lapse in membership since 2004. It’s been a great experience and one that culminated for both of us with Xbox Fitness, the single Xbox Live app that has made the biggest and most positive impact on our lives in history. I am going to mark today on my calendar as the day that Microsoft made the worst decision for us by choosing to not allow us to use Xbox Fitness AT ALL past next June 30th, 2017.

    I understand that Xbox Fitness was never going to last forever, just like the Xbox One. I’m extremely saddened and dismayed, however that there are people making decisions for the company that reflect as poorly on it as this decision does.

    For a company that has pioneered so many innovations such as Xbox Live & Xbox Fitness, I feel very slighted by them today and I may never recover. What’s more, this may not bode well AT ALL for the future of digital licensing in general and Microsoft’s role in expanding it’s product offerings and it’s appearance of trustworthiness to a dedicated user base in this ever-more-digital era.

    That being said, it would seem to me that the broad-based solution for the company to thrive in a world of digital licenses is by continuing to offer a disc-based backup for people like myself who are now victims of the current state of said digital era. I really think Microsoft needs to reconsider this decision in reaction to dedicated but dismayed users such as my wife & I and allow us to continue to use the Xbox Fitness programs we’ve purchased well past 2017. Offering a disc is just one way I could conceive of making this change.

    Furthermore, I strongly believe that by allowing Xbox Fitness users to continue to use Xbox Fitness app beyond 2017 will send strong signals to ALL Xbox users purchasing new digital content that they won’t be victims in the future of the company’s misguided decision-making grounded in a willingness to patronizingly ignore it’s user base.

    1. Well, it certainly won’t bode well for Microsoft’s digital licensing. As far as I know, they are the only major company that has offered digital licensing of content and then turned around and made that content unavailable to customers who payed for it. I’ve never seen anything like that from Apple or Google. We shouldn’t really be surprised though, as they seem to backtrack on EVERYTHING these days…

  26. Microsoft is eliminating one of the only differentiators between XBOX and its competitors. XBOX fitness (with the associated Kinect) has the ability to have an impact on people’s health in a way other platforms can’t. Probably the only real failing of the platform is the lack of meaningful fitness band integration.

  27. Good ‘ol Microsoft. Come out with something that differentiates itself from the competition, then scrap it (Kinect and now Xbox Fitness). Really makes me think twice before buying any peripheral from them in the future. I bought the Xbox One because of the abilities of the Kinect and Xbox Fitness. And after no marketing, you’re surprised that Xbox Fitness doesn’t get as much usage as you want? Good luck selling the Hololens, or any other peripheral with your track record.

  28. I’ve genuinely never seen more contempt for a paid userbase than Microsofts attack on Day One purchasers and Kinect users. My Kinect was a joy to use under the original UI and vision. Now? It’s useless, it doesn’t even have any system resources allocated to see that I’m in the room from the dashboard. It’s just a Microphone array with a webcam.

  29. Thanks for the advance notice, Microsoft. The Kinect is what got me in shape and, it sounds lame, has changed my life. I’d be a very different person right now if not for Xbox fitness. I use it every day. If you don’t want to support it anymore, fine, but at least give us the ability to use it without the Kinect. The very least you could have done was let us download the ones we wanted before you shut it down. Lame, Microsoft. Real lame.

  30. tHIS IS BS. People shoud be allowed to buy a few workouts (including free for gold) with in the next months and then continue to use this APP offline….
    I mean WTF, we paids for some workouts already… and they are just all dying???…when a console dies, even if company is bankrupts you still had its and can use it… much like my sold Sega console still works!!!!!!!!
    this is BS!!!!

  31. Well I feel like an idiot. I bought the XB1 specifically for the Xbox Fitness, i dont have any interest in gaming on the console. So my XB1 just went from a $400 investment to a giant paperweight. Im definitely glad i chose to buy a MS product…
    MS clearly cares more about some DRM stance than their customer base. At least I now know where MS stands with their products and now know it would be a mistake to use groove or the Windows store since they will remove content on a whim.

  32. This really does suck. I use Xbox fitness 2 or 3 times a week. I just had logged in today and saw the message and the content I had bought along with the 2 new programs they are letting us use. I myself don’t want a refund for what I have bought I would just like to keep on using it. The Jillian 4 week program was amazing. I really hope they Change their mind on this. My Kinect had died and the only reason I had purchased another was for this.

  33. Xbox Fitness & Kinect was what prompted me to purchase an Xbox One instead of the PlayStation 4. Granted I’m invested in the Xbox ecosystem now, but I will most certainly remember your less-than-enthusiastic Kinect support and that you take away product features over time when I make my next console purchase. How do I know Microsoft won’t bail on, say, VR in the future or take away other content? Very disappointed.

  34. Well this sucks. I too paid for content and now I can’t even use it if I have it downloaded? What a ripoff. I buy tons of stuff form the game store. This is a horrible solution. At least let us keep the content we purchased and play it offline. Why not? You can make games backward compatible, but this thing needs to be always online – not! This is not good customer service at all and it is why people are wary of digital content purchases. They should be! Love the app, but hate this news. I won’t be an early adopter again, you already fooled me once.

  35. Apparently Microsoft doesn’t make too much money from people who want to challenge themselves to do some workout (and stay healthy in the process) but from hardcore gamers who want to throw a lot of money to popular games… It is good to know the true face of Microsoft with no social responsibility… even though if they loose all Xbox Fitness users, it is not much compared to the rest, so this doesn’t affect Microsoft at all…

    Microsoft, you had one chance to make a difference, now you blew it are lowering down the Xbox One to a PS4 level… What a pity!

  36. This is a Xbox Fitness Supporter from China. Not only I got my 8 packs from it, I also solved so many networking and connection promblems that US Fitness did not need to face. I will do everything I can do to make the great app reachable. Microsoft Please, tell us more about why you have to shutdown the service.

  37. I too have spend way over 100USD on Fitness products and now you’re telling me you’re taking them all away without any kind of compensation?!?! So THIS is the digital future you were originally planning: making game-purchases more like renting games for a period of time instead of letting users own them?

    I can’t BELIEVE I stood up for you when people backlashed at your all digital future. I was adamant that you’d make it a fair and a positive experience for users. It breaks my heart that those people were RIGHT about you. Breaks my heart.

    Could you please come forward and just give a list of digital purchases that may experience the same fate in the future? And please, in the future mark it CLEARLY on all digital products that can be taken away at your time of choosing.

    I am not interested in renting games, I wan’t to own the games I choose and play them when it is convenient for me.

    I have never, NEVER, been this disappointed in you, Microsoft.

  38. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY???????????? Just because some gamers just don’t get how AWESOME it is to use Kinect during gaming? Why old school games from X360 bring back to the XB1 but removing Xbox Fitness?? That really doesn’t make any sense!!!!

    Why play old school games on a High End console (like the graphics would be better,… NOT), but kill an AWESOME game like Xbox Fitness. I bought Insanity and play this for 3 years every week and now you will just remove it??

    That’s a BIG #FAIL !!!!

    I am NOT happy if this really is gonna happen.

  39. I like many of the others here are extremely disappointed in this news. As a software engineer myself it seems very strange that you wouldn’t be able to find a way to support offline options (especially given the number of people perturbed by this). I understand servers can be expensive (especially for video content) but a lot of people have put money into something that we expected to be around for at least the life of the console (especially considering this was a LAUNCH feature). Again I am very very very disappointed.

  40. Devastated that this is happening. This is the only reason I bought an Xbox One just a few months ago after using fitness programs on the 360 for the last couple of years. I was looking forward to at least a few more years of keeping my body trim in this fantastic way. I don’t need constant updates. I use the same set of varied routines daily which will keep me going forever. Such a shame it will close down, but ridiculous that we cannot continue to use what we have purchased in an offline state. Sort it out Microsoft!!!!!

  41. As someone who owns many Microsoft products, this is an incredible slap in the face. The Xbox fitness program, which me and my wife use between us nearly every day, has been a great feature in our lives. We have spent hundreds of dollars on additional content and to have it taken away from us after investing in the Xbox One and Kinect is unacceptable.

    This action erodes any confidence and excitement I had about the upcoming Hololens, and future MS Bands and Microsoft Phones. I put my trust in Microsoft, and in return I see at best lukewarm enthusiasm in its own products and at worst a total disregard for paying customers.

    If this decision isn’t reversed, it will have far-reaching consequences in terms of sales and confidence in your estimation of your customers. I’ve always been a stalwart defender of Microsoft and have been – for the most part – happy with what I’ve purchased, but perhaps the scales have fallen from my eyes today.

    Please reconsider this foolish, truly contemptible decision.

  42. Microsoft you really do suck. Screwing over and losing your customers one at a time is not how you run a successful gaming division. I’ve nothing to add to the comments above, but I will definitely be voting with my wallet after being an xbox fanatic for 10 years. Enjoy the ‘journey’ of Sony and PS4 dominance.

  43. PLEASE DO NOT KILL XBOX FITNESS! The fitness industry is huge and you have a great service here. You should be putting people and time behind this service to market it more. I haven’t had my Xbox very long but discovered Xbox Fitness and we love it. I have read and watch so many users success stories that this service has helped them change their health and fitness for the better. Don’t do this please, get behind it don’t bin it!

    1. Exactly! Instead of cancelling the service, why not try to hire competent coders to make it cost effective. The health industry is a boon and their inability to grow this aspect of the console just cements the fact that they have a weak infrastructure of managers and coders. The service didn’t become to difficult, you became less talented. You should have tried to hire some people from the 360 Ubisoft YourShape team. The Wallbreaker minigame is STILL better than 90% of the crap released for the Kinect since then. Can’t blame the Kinect for your teams failure.

  44. How can it be legal to just arbitrarily remove paid-for content? How is this different from breaking into your house and stealing the DVD? VERY disappointed, Microsoft. Now the 2-year prepaid Microsoft Gold Membership we paid for recently was also a big waste of money, and to add insult to injury they just increased the price by 218% in this region for Gold Membership.

  45. This really just smells of “We don’t give a damn f*** about loyal customers”
    … Bought a Kinect? Tough shit for you, pal, we don’t use that anymore.
    … Really got into XBox Fitness? Tough shit for you, pal, just get fat or lazy …

    It really can’t be that hart to make this an offline app, heck I’d buy it as game-dvd if possible.

  46. There is absolutely no need to shut this application down. Fine if you don’t want to continue to update it, but you should be able to allow users to continue use, other content providers to supply and sell content, and even license out the right to maintain and update the application if you don’t want to be bothered with maintaining it.

  47. Xbox Fitness was a deciding factor in my decision to buy an Xbox One with Kinect a month ago, as it seemed very good value for features offered. Well, I guess I now know to avoid buying all digital content offered on my new purchase and eagerly await the Sony PS Neo this autumn. I should get a decent price while trading in my Xbox One console.

    Poor showing once again, Microsoft.

  48. I posted my vote here to not shut this service down….–new-ideas/suggestions/15001341-do-not-shut-down-xbox-fitness

    Do not shut down Xbox Fitness

    Microsoft recently announced their plans to shut down Xbox Fitness service.

    Xbox Fitness is one of the main reasons why people still use Kinect. Also, people have invested a lot in Xbox Fitness Content. By killing the app, you are also removing their access to content they purchased from Xbox Store.

    Make the purchased content videos available for lifetime and free content till Xbox One EOL.

  49. I am a long-time Microsoft stockholder and third-party developer. I don’t recall being this livid about a Microsoft decision. Xbox Fitness is one of the few absolute differentiators between the Xbox One and other super-consoles like the PS4. Further, Xbox Fitness was directly responsible for me losing 60 pounds — back to my high school weight — being authorized by my doctor to go off every single prescription medication, and developing the desirable heart condition called Athletic Heart Syndrome: my life has undergone absolutely extraordinary change for the better since its release in 2013.

    For Microsoft to make the decision to not support a truly revolutionary application, even by allowing access to a user’s existing content, is mindblowingly shortsighted. It may cause lasting damage to the relationship between Microsoft and mature, platform agnostic home users. Sony must be very happy today, because Microsoft is ignoring that its role as one of the world’s most valuable tech companies is to continue innovating and leading in categories even when costs are high.

    The Xbox One is objectively a better all-around device than the PS4 because it is a visionary home entertainment system, in which Xbox Fitness was a “killer app” component. Microsoft management’s decision to allow further steps backwards is the precise opposite of what Xbox’s internal and external developers and user base of tens of millions need.

  50. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the Xbox one from the start….having to spend hours, sometimes days installing games before I can play them. The lack of good games for the kinect and the incredible difficulty in creating profiles for my kids to use (as compared to the xbox 360). That being said, in-spite of all that, the only reason I was even hanging on to the xbox one was the xbox fitness app and all the great workouts it included. With this going away, I am going to trade in my xbox one and go back to the 360, it was much more user friendly, had better games for the kinect and was just a lot more fun for the whole family.

  51. I just bought severl contens last week,including P90X,MOSSA FIGHT,ABS,POWER,YO 30and zumba last week.

    and after aweek ,you tell me i will use this for a year? as a company with a good reputation ,do you think it’s fair to your fans .

    I’m so dispointed .such a ridiculous decision and anyone can tell me it’s legal?

  52. Worst decision ever! If netflix can stay up and running for 8 a month, how come Xboxfitness is shutting down when it requires gold membership ($10 per month) PLUS any paid content that users have purchased??
    And we won’t be able to use the content that we did pay for!!!
    And they’ll essentially be killing off the kinect with this as it is the only real use for the kinect!

    Microsoft isn’t making enough money as it is, they have to figure out a way they can make even more money by terminating a service that keeps gamers in shape and promotes better health. They’re just a bunch of Scrooges

  53. So how about you make all the workouts offline accessible? I know that would take some work but people paid good money for these workouts and as it stands right now, I might as well sell my kinect and Xbox one to show my displeasure. Xbox Fitness is the first regiment that I’ve successfully used for my workouts in quite some time and was happy to spend money on it.

  54. This is the nail in the coffin for me, time to end the relationship with XBox. The prices on games a year or more old is nothing short of gouging, paying $60 and often another $40 in DLC just for the convenience of downloading them when I can pick up a physical copy for less than $20 is just bad business. This machine is a worthless TV device, Netflix and Amazon are constantly buffering but my $59 Roku is always smooth. Now your pulling something I have spent close to $300 on, I bought the Kinect strictly for the Fitness app, purchased the P90x and a few other routines and it has become a morning routine for me and my wife. Now your going to pull it, no refund, no way to use something I’ve invested in. What’s wrong, no ongoing DLC you can gouge us on? I’m done with this company. Shame.

  55. Being an Xbox supporter since the OG Xbox, I am pretty upset about this decision. I am also upset on how MS thinks that they can just take away programs that we have PAID for whenever they feel like it. What’s next, they get upset with a publisher and take all of those games and DLC we paid for away? I spend literally $1000’s on MS products, games, DLC etc. I have not only been an Xbox loyalist, but an MS loyalist as well. Have had all the newest Windows Phones, had an MS Band, was an early adopter of all Windows releases. To say that I am disappointed with this decision would be an understatement. This makes me re-evaluate what to do when it is time to buy another console, and with a family of 6, we buy them often. It also makes me wonder when the class-action suit will begin with MS locking us out of content that we have owned and purchased. I for one will definitely have to pay attention not if but WHEN it happens.

  56. I upgraded to XBO so that it could become my living room media device. Kinect and Fitness were part of that equation. Just as I was starting to put more faith back in MS, they start abandoning good ideas. If you were losing money, then charge a fee but don’t make software and hardware (Kinect) that we paid for now useless. “No one uses Kinect anymore” – well yeah, when MS abandons it as a platform, sure, it’s a self-fulfilling statement.

    What MS doesn’t realize is this will have a ripple effect on other future purchases. Before I put all my eggs in the MS basket, I may reconsider. An AppleTV with game controller is a much more useful device for casual gaming and media consumption. Plus apps you pay for there are never deleted.

  57. I have purchased 100’s of dollars of digital content from Microsoft over the years. The trust that requires is that Microsoft will not remove my ability to access that content. This decision removes that trust across the board. I own not just an Xbox One but a band, phone and other devices and services from Microsoft. How can I make a decision in the future to purchase anything from Microsoft with knowledge that corporately they feel that it is completely ok to remove our ability to access this content. This is literally the reason that Microsoft ended up way behind Sony in this generations console cycle. This is the very concern that consumers have around “always on” DLC. When this makes the round on general media (and you can be assured that Microsoft’s competitors will ensure that it does) I am confident you will see a hit in Xbox sales. I have no idea what the cost of running this service was on a month to month basis but I am sure that when weighed against the risk to the platform caused by this decision that it is outweighed.

    Most likely this is going to eventually become a business case studied for years on how not to handle a business decision.

  58. You suck, Microsoft. Not only do you pull the plug on a service that countless people like and use regularly (if not daily), but to prevent people from using their purchased workout routines after June 2017 is a dick move, plain and simple.

    Folks, this is why you should never buy digital content. Movies, music, software, whatever– if it’s not on a disc, you don’t own it, in spite of what you’re told or may think.

      1. Fair enough. But online activation servers really only apply to software. In the case of video/audio such as movies and music there is no DRM on disc because the owner (or really, the possessor) of the disc is considered definition the owner of the content and there is no need to authenticate anyone.

        Bottom line, had all of us suckers bought our workouts on DVDs instead of from Microsoft in digital form the company would not be able to pull the rug out from under us as its now doing. The most galling part is that the workouts themselves were just static videos and not interactive in any way, so really no different than what a DVD delivers.

  59. “On July 1, 2017, Xbox Fitness (and all associated content) will no longer be available for download/play. This includes content you’ve purchased.”

    This is pretty shitty on their part. They’re deleting stuff we’ve actually purchased. What messages does this send? Fitness isn’t important? Buying something doesn’t guarantee you can keep it? Microsoft doesn’t care about their users?

    Fire up the lawsuits, folks. Microsoft is misbehaving again.

  60. I honestly can’t remember being so angry at a company. You actually charged me to download some of the workout’s locally and then are going to shut the whole thing off? How is this any different than stealing? You sold me something with the understanding that it would be made available to me. If you were specifically charging a monthly fee I could maybe understand but not when you actually were charging for individual pieces of content. After this how can I trust Microsoft to buy anything digital from. I haven’t read the legal parts of the contract here but again from a full cost standpoint I bet this is going to cost Microsoft more in legal fees than it would have just keeping the service running.

  61. Commenting just to add my voice to the number that are pissed and angry about this. Even if you don’t want to continue the streaming service, it is completely inappropriate for you to disable all access to content that was paid for. I use Xbox Fitness weekly, and my mother uses it daily. Having read through the comments, it is clear the only reason that an offline mode can’t be done is because of online authorization. This is a ridiculous reason to discontinue access to paid content. I am a software developer, and I know how smart we can be. Surely you have at least a few competent engineers that could figure out a solution to this within a day? Either provide a one-time authorization step on downloading the content to a console or discontinue the streaming service but provide a cheap server to do the authorization on log in. Microsoft boasts about their amazing cloud support but something like online authorization stumps the development team behind this product? This is an entirely dissatisfactory experience with Xbox Fitness, Xbox, and Microsoft as a whole.

  62. lol, people keep telling me that I was dumb (and should deal with the online era) for wanting offline approach and solutions to games on consoles. Yet here we are. When I said i wont buy destiny cause its online only, or when I was very VERY furious with the Xbox One DRM that they had to backtrack on.. It leads to THIS people! At any moment On PS4 or Xbox One, they can say you cant access your content anymore. And with games having to download GIGS of patches when that runs out and goes offline, many old games will literally be unplayable even with the disc.

    The 8th gen consoles will almost be unuseable in the future with only a handful of games able to be played on a truly offline, and unpatched consoles.

  63. The only reason I bought the Xbox One was for my wife and I to do the X1 Fitness app. We are using it often and the only reason we buy the Gold. You don’t have to develop new content, why not continue with what we got. Or make it a standalone app. I’ll take that.

    We don’t have time for going to the gym so Fitness is our way of doing some workout. Please don’t take that away.

  64. Maybe try to find more talented people or a new structure to make it more cost effective?

    Are you seriously telling me that you can’t maintain a streaming library of Fitness DVDs? I will even let go of the Kinect (since you at Microsoft already have) but at least keep the streaming DVDs.

    You should have addressed the subject of ‘people who already bought multiple programs AND spent money on the others so I could download to avoid streaming issues’ before you made this announcement instead of making Jessica here give everyone the cookie-cutter brushoff.

  65. This is horrendous news! I made a lifestyle commitment to getting in better shape with Xbox Fitness. I use it every day (was even planning to buy the MS Band), and this one app has changed my life, and many others, judging by the reactions here. What video game can say the same? Microsoft, you have let me down for the last time. Please find a way keep the service and my PAID content in tact. I’m so disappointed.

  66. Gee thanks MS! Why would you no longer support such a great feature that differentiates the Xbox One from the PS4? I have also paid for fitness games that I use on a regular basis. Cutting the support all together is completely disregarding the interest to your customers. I can understand if it costs too much to maintain a service, but at least gives us existing customers the opportunity to down load the fitness games and keep the games for life cycle of the Kinect or Xbox One. Giving us no notice to purchase additional content and pursue our fitness goals in the comfort of our home is another disregard to your customers. Thanks!

  67. This may not be “illegal” due to your digital content disclaimers, but this is unethical. You’ve killed the Kinect floor configuration setup on the next xbox one experience, rendering it useless in fitness games like Shape Up!. Now you’re removing content people have paid real money for because it’s not making your quarterly expectations. You can’t expect people to buy digital content and then pull the rug from under their feet. That will do more damage to you in the long run then supporting these servers, or at minimum coding an offline version and allowing already purchased content to be used. Looks like some are okay with credit back on their accounts, I personally purchased the p90x program which was not cheap, and now it is rendered useless. To give you an example of how to do digital content, look at Valve and Steam, I still have access to games I purchased back before digital content was even available online. I STILL HAVE ACCESS to that stuff. How Microsoft has treated the whole kinect backstep and the removal of Fitness is unethical and in bad taste to those that supported you day one. Fix this, or a class action lawsuit may be on your doorstep.

    1. How can I be assured Microsoft won’t decide that their Movie Store, TV Store or App Store or any other part of their “platform” won’t be treated the same way. We have decided that selling movies is no longer profitable. Sorry about that. We have decided to cut OneDrive down to 1 GB, Windows 10 is the now a service until it isn’t. It shows a clear underlying corporate attitude of contempt for their user base.

  68. I have always used and bought xbox consoles since the first xbox release, I have two and the only things that I use the kinect for are the fitness programmes, which will now be useless, the fitness programes are one of the main reasons why i chose xbox over any other console. I use the fitness programme most days, and now i feel cheated as i have spent alot of money on xbox. Are people going to refunded the money they have spent on the programmes and kinect sensors which they wont need anymore if they are like me and only got the sensor for the fitness programmes and content?.

  69. This greatly diminishes my trust in Microsoft as a company and ensures that I will think twice before doing any business with you again in the future. “Oh, you know that thing that was the almost entire reason you bought our product for? It turns out that we’re not making enough money off of it, so we’ve decided we’re just going to stop letting you use it. Yeah, the company is moving in a different direction, you know how that goes. We all had really high hopes for the Kinect, too. But trust us, the next thing we make is going to be GREAT!”

  70. I just called and forced them to give me a refund, I suggest everyone do the same. The upkeep of existing content couldn’t possibly be a concern, taking it completely offline is a terrible service move. This app is one of the few reasons we bought the console to begin with! I’ve owned all iterations of the Xbox starting from the original but Microsoft has now permanently lost at least this customer due to their terrible policies.

  71. Typical Microsoft BS!!! So big that the customers don’t count. I have a X Box that I can no longer use as I am 68 years old and don’t game. I do however own all of the fitness programs and now my wife and I won’t be able to use them in 12 months! I have a Microsoft Windows phone that is pretty obsolete now as well. What will be next, my surface? Probably won’t support that in the near future. Just get me to buy it and then DELETE it. Might be a great time for a Class Action Law Suite. Any good Lawyers in this comment chain?

  72. I am very disappointed in the new direction Microsoft is going in with Xbox. First, you kill off Kinect games. Then you decide to kill off Xbox Fitness. This is the reason why I purchased Xbox One in the first pace. Why did you decide to remove the paid content, though? I feel like you should offer a refund or at least, replace the Fitness App with something better. I believe I will not be supporting The Xbox after 2017 when the App is removed. This is the most disappointing news from this company. You’ve cheated me out of the reason why I brought Xbox One in the first place!

  73. There are a lot of Xbox users out there that bought the machine specifically for the Kinect and associated content. If I wanted an ultimate gaming platform I would have bought a PC. I bought the Xbox because the Kinect is fun and gets you off the couch. Just because non-gamers don’t rant and rave on the internet about Xbox vs PS4 specs doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have some say about how the platform develops.

    @microsoft undo this decision or I won’t be spending money on your ecosystem in the future. I’ll also be recommending that friends NOT purchase Microsoft products and content.

  74. My Kinect is simply useless right now. Instead of encouraging people to use it and buy it, Microsofts has just decided to forget it has even existed.

    By the way, it seems like Microsoft has no idea of where to go. Just take a look at Project Scorpio: they are always rectifying statements previously made and confusing the community. The competition is so popular, given it has been in the market for so long. I have the feeling Xbox will not even stay in market for long It will be PC and anothr console for exclusives. Hope I am wrong.

  75. I use xbox fitness frequently. Just recently made a purchase for mossa athlete 30 and i soon wont be able to use it. Very bad move for the xbox fans that use it. I love and use the mossa workouts and apparently according to my fitness community rank there are tons over a million people using this. I look forward to exercising more than playing games. DO NOT REMOVE XBOX FITNESS PLEASE. I KNOW YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK SOMEHOW.

  76. Dear Erica and the Xbox Fitness Team,

    I am a daily user of Xbox Fitness with Kinect. Your programs have helped get me into the best shape of my life, as we as recover from several PT-treated injuries. I’ve bought several of the programs, and subscribe to Xbox Gold primarily for this benefit.

    The ability of Xbox Fitness + Kinect to not only motivate exercise, but also make it safer through real-time posture feedback, is unrivaled in the market. I am partially upset by the loss of a platform which is core to my daily routine, but also that there is really no meaningful substitute for what you’ve built – a feeling I see shared by other comments here. I can’t speak for everyone here, but I would be open to alternative pricing models if it helped continue investment in the program – Xbox Fitness is far and away the single highest value service Microsoft provides for my family.

    Please reconsider support for this program, or at least the conditions under which you leave the community!

    1. I agree XB FITNESS is the perfect alternative for those without access to affordable gyms and have long winters where exercising outside is limited. I understand they weren’t making the money in their original proposal off fitness but doesn’t mean it was a failure. I am sure hundreds if not thousands of users are now fitter and healthier because of that. And while I know that doesn’t make the C-Suite or Board tingle, it should at least be thought of as a fulfilled social responsibility that the XB Team pretended to care about when a business plan was attached to it.

  77. I’m not even upset that we will lose the content. I’ve had a good run with it over the past few years. What I’m mad about is that we weren’t forewarned that the content would no longer be available for purchase until after we couldn’t purchase anymore!!! I would have stocked up for the year. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  78. It is a shame, besides not being able to any more entrainer, you delete(eliminate) the contents that we bought, and all this without any compensation. It is a big disappointment and it proves that we do not have to buy of dematerialized contents.
    You make absolutely nothing to satisfy your customers. Do not complain if the players leave the Xbox experience.
    Very disappointed.

  79. What the hell is this? If you are shutting down a service for which I paid money for, then refund my purchase or let me continue using it. Just because you guys are washing your hands on the kinect (dumbest decision ever, better marketing would go Long way) doesn’t mean that we consumers who believed in your product and spent money on it and actually enjoy using should get screwed. Do the right thing and give us or money back

  80. Erica Bell, are you really abandoning the fitness market? Or will Xbox be using other products to appeal to the fitness market? Are they perhaps switching to stand alone “games” that would have similar appeal, without the community aspects? If so they should not burn bridges with the market you have developed. I doubt many of the users that feel burned by this move, will give new strategies that come later much of a look.

  81. I just got this news an hour ago and I’m surprised and saddened that the service is to be discontinued. I recently bought the MOSSA workouts too, which more than likely wouldn’t have purchased had I known the fate of the service.
    It would be great (and little work developer-side) to update the App so it works only with purchased, downloaded content…

  82. Microsoft….come on. This is ridiculous, even for you. The fitness app is one of the best things that XBox has going for it. And as many others have said, I expect to be able to keep using content that I’ve paid for. Consumers already have enough reasons not to put faith in your devices/services — do we really need one more?

  83. We use XBox Fitness nearly every day and we’ve paid for content. Now we can’t use what we’ve paid for? That is wrong. What point is the Kinect without this? Most of the games now have no Kinect use or it’s limited (and lame) if so. The benefit of XBox Fitness over a DVD is that you get feedback through Kinect and you have variety to choose from. Fitness was a primary reason we bought an XBox One. We’re already disappointed that One Guide is so clunky to use (the controller is not an easy substitute for a remote) that we don’t even use the TV feature and now we’ll lose Fitness too. Without those features, there’s no “One” in XBox One. It’s simply a game console. If that’s the case, we should have bought a Sony PS4. Oh well–this is what happens when companies choose profits over the customer experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Shortsighted “strategy.”

  84. Meine Familie und ich nutzen XBOX Fitness vom ersten Tag an!
    Macht die gekauften Inhalte offline verfügbar! Welche Telefonnummer/ E-Mail Adresse muss ich kontaktieren für die Rückerstattung in Deutschland?

    My family and I use XBOX Fitness from day one!
    Power purchased content available offline! Which phone number / e-mail address should I contact for refund in Germany?

  85. This is a very poor decision. It doesn’t matter if there is no new content just keep what’s already there and allow people to use what they’ve spend their hard earned money on. I only bought this console for the fitness element and bought a kinect as an additional item. As Microsoft can suddenly stop a service can I have a full refund on my live, console, kinect and all games. Without fitness I’d rather have a PS4

  86. i’ve dreamed with xbox, i’ve dreamed with xbox 360, i’m sad with xbox one… As an xbox ambassador, Windows insider and more I loved Microsoft products and l was loyal to the brand but now I m tired and sad.

    Kinect, fable, lionhead, project spark, xbox fitness. I ask myself: what s the problem with Microsoft ? What Will the next thing ? Your wish to make money at all costs won’t be a good thing at long time.

    I’m sorry for my bad english. I join the xbox communiquer to ask you to don’t stop xbox fitness


    Xbox and Microsoft fan

  87. I love how it’s all or nothing with Microsoft.

    “Here, XBox Fitness” “Oh sorry, we’re all games now, no more Xbox Fitness for anyone.”

    “We’re going to have DVR functionality on the XB1” “Nevermind, we’re all about games now.”

    This is why I can’t get behind building any sort of library on the XB1, you are always 6-12 months from possibly having your purchase or one of the reasons you purchased the system pulled from under you. MS’ actions toward their customer base continues to be shameful or misleasing.

  88. Oddly for such a big company to do it with users, no alternatives, no suggestions, hard facts – 30.06.2017 and all thanks, all are free. Why don’t You consider the users who spent money to buy a Xbox One just for Xbox Fitness on weight fitness programs???!!! What about reputation??? Are You not afraid that they will lose a lot of customers only due to the fact that with any new product, because people will slaughter that in a short time they just throw. Plus of course, if it was just a game, and it is a SOCIAL project that helps people to transform and not turn into a shapeless creatures!!!! When you close You don’t think about it, but in vain. Honestly, I am very disappointed and now have 10 times will think before to buy a product of your production.

  89. I’m sorry I ever bought an Xbox One. For the first 18 months my Xbox One was a dream come true, but then Phil Spencer took over and began removing all the innovative features I loved about Xbox. If it wasn’t hardcore gaming and controller-required then Phil Spencer killed it. He even went so far as to disable your controllers ability to pair to a console through Kinect. When they took away the ability to control apps and the console UI with gestures I knew there was no low the Xbox team wouldn’t sink to. Now they are literally stealing purchased content from Xbox Fitness customers. This is an organization run by execs with no ethics at all. I have no choice but to switch to PlayStation. You’ve taken away too many features from Xbox One and scaled it back into a much more limited device. I no longer have trust that my Xbox purchases belong to me. I don’t believe Xbox is innovative anymore. I was an Xbox exclusive gamer since 2001 and a beta tester on Xbox Live and you’ve lost me to PlayStation and Sony now. As Xbox has given up and abandoned customers/innovation Sony has become the innovators in the living room. Xbox has failed very badly under Phil Spencer’s leadership.

  90. If Xbox Fitness content sales were minimal, I think Microsoft would have come out and offered full refunds to everyone who ever purchased Xbox Fitness contents by now so that Microsoft doesn’t lose their reputation over the small amount of money. By not doing that, I’m sure that Microsoft did make some money out of Xbox Fitness contents. I think maybe what you need right now is someone new to manage this project without overspending. I agree with other posts that we just want the existing contents. we don’t need anything new. You could easily cut costs from that. I feel like people who bought the Xbox for the workout feature or chose Xbox over PS4 because of Xbox Fitness are completely screwed right now if Microsoft is going through with this. It is much worse than Playstation taking away Linux. That one was more understandable since they did it for security. Sunset is a good metaphor since I feel like there is nothing but the darkness now.

  91. I am just curious as to how MS defines “forever” because I have a few screencaps of the Xbox Fitness marketplace pages, and next to the “BUY” button it clearly says “You can use this app for now or buy it to own forever.” Another slap in the face is that some of these workout programs were recently on sale and there was no mention of limited use, just the “buy it to own it forever.” The low blow is that customer service is just brushing off people wanting refunds and sending them to a forum that official staff never reply to. This marked the end of my digital purchases with MS, Xbox and Win10. Never again will I make the mistake of giving MS a cent thinking that they are going to honor their advertising and/or purchase agreements.

  92. really very sad news, I really enjoy XBox Fitness – this sport application was the main purpose to buy an “adult” console. Please make it possible to play it standalone. Providing lifetime support for a bought service is a obligatory. Otherwise Microsoft makes itself ridiculous, honestly. And 2017 all other bought digital content will be also left when Scorpio appears, yes? Cancelling XBox fitness is a fraud towards the customers.

  93. I rarely take to public forums, but this one elicited a response from me. I am Day One XBO user and am disappointed on how quickly MS and XB teams gave up on Kinect, I paid the $100+ to have an over hyped piece of gear and now MS/XB is attempting to phase it out completely. I understand the business decision but it is not a good decision, and seems easy to just allow the fitness adopters to keep the Fitness content and take away much of the Online support to Fitness. Essentially it was just a fitness video with mediocre feedback but the work outs were great nonetheless like Mossa. Plus individuals have spent upwards of $100 to get the exclusive content like yoga, Mossa, and a few others.

    This is not the right way to phase down Fitness. There should be a limited version available where we get to keep paid content and the original free work outs even if we have to download them if online streaming will be completely cut.

    Do the right thing or the whole “Xbox fitness is here for you” sham will be exposed for the poor business planning and execution that it was. A shame.

      1. 🙁
        The big advantage for Xbox over PS is really gone it was the reason why I got Xbox One, You may think that stteaming can take pllace over but, streaming won’t allow any one to collect fit points or follllow their progress, this should be fatal for Xbox abd sgould make you lose a big part of your users. Feel sorry for you and RIP Xbox !

  94. I’ll add my voice to the people disappointed with Microsoft over this announcement. To completely block access to purchased content is shameful and to make it worse, the reason giving is typical corporate BS – the cost of ongoing support and new content? Really? How about just letting us access the content we already have – I couldn’t care less about ongoing support or new content, there’s plenty there already that’s fantastic.

    How about taking what’s there and growing it as a way to further differentiate the brand from competitors? Completely shameful business strategy that all involved should be embarrassed to be part of.

  95. This makes me sick to my stomach. XBox fitness is my main form of exercise, in fact, it is what got me off my butt and exercising regularly. This is what the future is supposed to be all about, being able to access programs like Mossa when you are house-bound for whatever reason. This is a huge step back.

  96. Unbelievably ridiculous decision. I use Xbox fitness regularly and it has a big role in improving my fitness level. In fact made my friends buy X-Box one just for Xbox fitness. I am a non gamer and that is one of the big reasons I bought XBOX one. Renders the whole console and Kinect useless. As other users have suggested, you may not come up with new workouts but at least keep the app so that users can continue to workout with the programs they have purchased. Feel completely let down by MSFT. If they do not resolve this, no more MSFT products for me in future.

  97. My family and I have spent close to $300 on Xbox Fitness content that is now worthless! I did not lease or rent theses programs, I BOUGHT them! I had a 360 that broke after 5 months, and I decided to stop buying MS products. The XBox one won me back, but if this is how MS treats their customers, I will NEVER buy another MS product. This will make me only buy PlayStation and Nintendo products.

  98. I agree with the sentiments of most of the 400 plus comments and hope that MS reconsiders and provides an alternative to access Xbox fitness beyond the announced sunset date. I appreciate the direct feedback from Jessica- but IMO the MS response appears hollow and unreasonable for me as well as most Xbox fitness supporters. MS- find a solution for the Xbox fitness community.

  99. This is really crappy news and the worst customer service that I have ever seen. I have cancelled my gym membership to be to workout at home. I should be able to use the downloaded content that I have bought. That is alright as per the comments on this site you have screwed yourselves anyway there is probably going to be a lot of people that will no longer buy your product anyway concluding that you sold the xbox with this feature anyway.

  100. I am a loyal Xbox user since the very first box. I even use a windows phone and a windows 10 pc. I grew up using your products. I was an early adapter of the Xbox one. I loved the multi media and Kinect abilities.
    As a fitness enthusiast I picked up Xbox fitness and absolutely loved it. I just bought a new Kinect as the first one broke, and the warranty had expired. My wife and I use the app daily. The decision to close this app is devastating for me.
    My kids like Nintendo better and I don’t feel like I want to support MS any more. So my relationship with MS will fade out in the following way: My gold will expire and will not be renewed. Then, my xbox one will be sold and last but not least, a new system from another company will be bought. Goodbye Xbox, we had a great run, but I guess all good things must end eventually.

  101. I’m really shocked that MS believes it’s acceptable to stop people using content they’ve paid for, and going by the comments there’s clearly a lot of demand for the service. Xbox Fitness is a great product. Why on earth write it off? OK so it may not be your core business but neither is salad McDonald’s core business. The fitness app is appealing to secondary users, who may just happen to be decision makers in allowing Xbox into the living room. It is one of the few USPs Xbox has and gives it the edge over PS4, for example. Even those who don’t wind up using Xbox Fitness may be persuaded to buy an Xbox because they plan to use it to stay in shape. The announcement is so shortsighted, as is the phasing out of Kinect which has so much potential. And by the way stop trying to turn Xbox into a Windows PC. If I wanted one of those I’d just buy one and plug it into my TV. It would be cheaper.

  102. I’ll tell you, this is going to make me hesitate EVERY time I’m asked to purchase digital content from Microsoft EVER again. What happens to any movies or music or games I’ve purchased when they decide they aren’t making enough money at it? I’m extremely disappointed. With everything I’ve seen Microsoft doing right in their cloud platforms the last few years, this seems like an ugly step back to be used as an example of why it isn’t safe to purchase ‘cloud-only’ content.

  103. So I cant download the content that I paid for? This makes me not trust buying digital content again in the Microsoft ecosystem. Whos to say they don’t do this with games at some point. Extremely disappointed with Microsoft yet again. Being a loyal customer across a myriad of devices I have noticed that Microsoft creates a service or devices, then shortly after discontinues it. The kinect2 and windows phone is a prime example: just add Xbox fitness to the list.

  104. although i am not a regular user of this, only in the summer the last few years i was working on setting up a dedicated room for this like a man cave. and then buying a slim for the living room.

    i bought content when this first came out as there was no demo’s i know that some purchases were felt to be a waist but most i got as i thought buy this and own for ever even on gold for the start of this year. was as it said! even if there is no new content going up why kill the paid or existing ones.

    my girlfriend and i enjoy the mossa set that we cant buy. i cant see how this costs you any money to keep the existing content? your out lay has already been paid so even killing the service will not get this money back as for keeping the servers running is that not your asure system? the auto spin up and down on demand so costs are not even keeping the servers running.

    again your treating your paying customers poorly, i bought a day one xbox one with connect a few months later it was nicked and not been found so we bought a second one with kinect just for voice and fitness. i have bought DLC for the fitness since as i liked the project (as i hate going to the gym) this has a slow uptake but you feel windows 10 can be free and forced on people this seems a bit odd as developing the OS would have been more costly than fitness and a year in your still not getting money on that.

    over the xbox one i have stopped buying games from stores and gone with buying from microsoft and getting DLC thinking that i will always have access to it. this makes me think that when your ready you can just kill these off to, forza horizon well only 1% are using that now lets kill it ready for horizon 4, but them with disks can still play it.. but wait we dont sell retail anymore as the shops are all out of business cause every one was buying direct from the console..


    please dont stop this service..

  105. This is really bad idea! I cannot understand why are you doing this. It is one of the best features that it has and there are people using this every day. Please reconsider. I cannot understand why you want more loyalty users to get away from you. I hope you will think again your decision. Also you have to respect that some users PAID the Kinect too. Taking that decision it will not give me any motivation to follow the Next gen console from Microsoft or something else from you….. That is Shame

  106. Microsoft, I’m your loyal consumer. I use your services and devices (like Lumia 950, Windows 10 tablet, MS Band). I have been with you for years. But now I say enough of this! Enough of your stupide promises, of your lies, of your “soon”. I’ve bought Xbox One for Kinect games and apps, particularly for Xbox Fitness. I’ve bought my Live Gold membership for two years for to have access to my favourite workouts. I’ve bought additional workouts too. Now you want to give us the stupid credits that can be used to make purchases in the Xbox and Windows Stores. But I don’t want this money for buy other content that Xbox Fitness workouts. You will refund us the Kinect too? This decision is catastrophic because it is changing completely the way to use my console (I don’t play games). Microsoft, please reconsider your decision. If not, I will say you “Adieu Microsoft, mon chéri!”. Like a consumer, I give you the last chance.

  107. I am not happy with microsoft on XBOX One by removing Xbox Fitness as I have purchased some of the content and find the only way I can do fitness. It has been the best I have seen and now they are going to discontinue its content is there going to be some alternative.

    Microsoft should reconsider this and they will find sales on the XBOX are more likely to fall this is one reason why I purchased XBOX One.

    Microsoft are you going to bring out any alternative for fitness?

    This will be missed.

  108. The decision to stop the XBox Fitness service in my opinion is a very poor one. Great way to stay in shape as it provides constant feedback and challenges to keep you motivated. At least allow users to download a version of the game (don’t run it as an app) so that we can continue to use purchase content. As others have stated – one of the reasons that I purchase the XBox One was for the fitness options. Took a while to full appreciate the full program but now use it almost every day. Great way for the family (myself, wife and 2 kids) to game and stay in shape at the same time. Lost close to 20 pounds and lowered body fat percentage using P90X and Mossa Fitness programs. Please reconsider options and at least offer as a stand alone game and allow us to continue to use existing purchased content.

  109. I’m really frustrated by this announcement. I’ve always been a loyal Xbox (and phone, band, tech) user. I spent over 600 hours and £200 on project spark, and you pull the plug on it. And now this! I’ve lost 20lbs (and £60) on Xbox fitness, love the workouts, leaderboard and points (13,000,000 fp). I’d like money back on my credit card, as I’m no longer willing to trust your digital game strategy. Reading through the comments shows I’m not alone and if Microsoft want to have a hope in hell of succeeding in the console wars, their loyal users are the last people they should to alienate. If these comments mean anything to Microsoft, you should full maintain the service, whilst a team refactors the authentication code (which is most likely not to blame). please listen to your real users, don’t destroy the brand. My friend was about to buy on Xbox purely for fitness on my recommendation. I had to tell him why he shouldnt. #awkward. I’m not a Sony fan, but that’s my next console, unless Microsoft quickly sort out their respect for their loyal users.

  110. Looking at the long list of people here, I struggle to find a single person going ‘yea, this is going to be good because you’re replacing it with something better’. I too am incredibly disappointed to find your turning this off. Even as an entire charitable “lets make people fitter” approach. I have to say this is the only feature of the Xbox which makes it better then a PS. if it really is going, I don’t think I’ll bother buying another xbox (which is a shame, as I have all three generations now).

  111. This decision will ruin the public image of Xbox in a very critical way. Let me declare this. Xbox One will be the last console I am buying from Microsoft, and I am sure I am not the only one. Xbox users will “sunset” from the entire Xbox services, due to its lack of consistency and commitment for its loyal customers.

  112. Xbox Fitness is the sole reason I bought the Xbox. I don’t understand why it can’t be made into a standalone app. My company is upgrading the ERP system and we’re considering AX Dynamics (a Microsoft product). I’ll make sure I talk my coworkers out of it because Microsoft doesn’t care about anything other than Windows and Office which are their bread and butter. They’ve showed it time and time again that they’ll abandon something that does not make enough profit. They did it with MSN, Zune, Windows Phone, Windows Automobile… the list goes on and on.

  113. Im not buying an Xbox one now. Thank goodness I saw this article. My sole reason for wanting to buy the xbox one was for the Kinect and ability to start a workout program with these fitness programs. Microsoft has some terrible marketing if they cant see what a huge potential they had in promoting the kinect and xbox fitness or even just some fun games that make you sweat. There is a huge need for something like this. I can’t believe that Microsoft could not get some celebrities or health conscious industries/food/beverage companies to help them advertise/promote kinect and fitness.

  114. Xbox Fitness is a great way to workout, and is the main reason I purchased a Xbox One over a PS4. Microsoft discontinuing Xbox Fitness makes me quite upset. Consider this scenario: I buy a car with awesome air conditioning. A year later, the manufacturer tells me they are discontinuing support for air conditioning, and that I now have a car without air conditioning. I would be equally upset. I have lost my faith and trust in Microsoft. My next console, along with all of the money spent on games, movies, etc, will go to someone else. Microsoft of course has the opportunity to turn around this shortsighted decision, rectify the problem, and make all of these upset people who also commented here less upset.

  115. Are you serious!!! I am a 10 year Veteran Sgt. from the Army when I got out i gained weight such that i was on lots of medication. My VA doctor told me to diet and exercise and i did. XBOX Fitness help me lose 40 pounds and was later taken off those meds ranging from high blood pressure to water pills. XBOX fitness gave me my life back and now i hear the thing that did is going away. think about the number of lives this tool will save instead of profitability, it saved mine.

  116. Complete B.S. I don’t want a refund either. I want the product I paid for and own. This is exactly what I was worried about in buying online content. Microsoft can’t be trusted. games bought online can be made unplayable at any time by them when ever they want and we can’t do anything about it. Not to mention a kinect system which is also now garbage. (And to think just a few months ago Microsoft was trying to talk me paying to have it repaired or buy a new one just weeks before this info came out) I was considering the new up coming Xbox system. Sad to say I will be looking to Sony PlayStation now.

  117. The only reason I even purchased an Xbox one was because of the Xbox fitness. I cannot believe they are doing this. They have enough money to keep it going and the reason for which they are taking it away is unclear and not even a good one. You are going to lose support from many if you guys don’t stop this from happening.

  118. So we should start worrying about the rest of our gold content now too? Xbox Fitness is a fantastic application and top notch series of routines. While I can see not developing it further, it makes no sense to not leave it in place for us to use. If you’re going to remove something, start with the useless community features you recently launched that nobody wants or uses. In a society plagued with morbid obesity, it’s morally ridiculous to take away the one great feature of Xbox if it can get even o potato off of the couch.

  119. Señores Microsoft, lo que lograron con la creación de Kinect es maravilloso, un regalo a la humanidad para combatir el sedentarismo, desafortunadamente en Xbox One no hay suficientes juegos para aprovechar esta magnífica tecnología, me encanta Xbox Fitness y lamento profundamente la noticia sobre el retiro de este juego, les escribo para pedirles que por favor no lo retiren o que al menos nos den a los usuarios alguna opción para comprar, descargar y ejecutar el juego localmente. Estos entrenamientos han contribuido al mejoramiento de mi salud y me permiten entrenar en casa ya que no dispongo de tiempo para un gimnasio. Espero sus comentarios, les reitero mi felicitación y ojalá vengan más juegos de este tipo.

  120. What is this? I am a very big fan of Microsoft and man the Xbox fitness app was a miracle, it helped me to lose more the 20 pounds by using it every days, the app inspired me to work out, and it also helped and inspired others lose weight etc. So what I don’t understand that is that how does Microsoft just decide to take down Xbox Fitness just like that without giving us (the users) the option to at least vote even duh we all or most of us wouldn’t be agree but steel Microsoft can’t just do this to us. Please if Microsoft want to bring it down fine, give us another option for us to be ale to continue our journey. What I hate the most is that I spen $150 USD on an Xbox One kinect for all its features (Gestures, viewing hart rate, voice command, Video call etc) and first they removed the gestures and now they removing the only thing that I really use the kinect for I mean first they remove the gestures now the xbox fitness what’s next I mean come on.

  121. XBox Fitness is the only reason i have an xbox and the only reason i have s Microsoft account. i didn’t believe in the company until I encountered this amazing fitness option is been verses gyms or community centers. this is a disappointing decision that impacts my quality of Life. No more xbox and no more microsoft.

  122. So I only bought XBox One to get Xbox Fitness for my wife. Now you’re taking that away from her. Now I’m stuck with an Xbox One for nearly no reason. I paid $500 for your system to use your software and now you’re discontinuing your software. I should be reimbursed for my system too!!! My wife is a dedicated user of Xbox Fitness so now I’m probably going to have to invest in a gym membership of some sort. This decision, that I had no input in making, has painfully made me consider not supporting Microsoft anymore. This is not the way you treat supporting customers… Now, Sony, Mac, and others will get my business, unless this decision is changed and we can continue using Xbox Fitness. I am not pleased with this decision…

  123. Oh and, you realize that there is no alternative for this kind of application when you pull the cords right? That’s also possibly because you’ve bullied other companies here and there to be a part of fitness, and make it the sole application for this purpose. Now we will be left with nothing but an expensive brick with Microsoft branding on it.

  124. why??? this is the worst crap.. i also bought xbox because of these other features. I do not use any other features on xbox live other than xbox features. Isint the money good enough? is microsoft going bankrupt? if its for gaming.. ask anybody it will never be microsoft. considering the current fieasco. who knows what more bugs are there to be explored by those hackers. Why would anybody chose microsoft over play station if its for gaming. i have seen it on ps4 if its for gaming only i am game for play station.