Game With… Vijay Menon (August 31st)

This week on the Xbox Game With… stream, you have your chance to play with Team Xbox’s Vijay Menon, Retention and Engagement Lead. Here’s a bit about Vijay from the man himself:

Hella pumped (yes, I’m from the Bay Area) to meet you guys online! I’m the youngest member of the Xbox Live business team, and I currently run our retention and engagement programs. My claim to fame is being the titleholder for Team Xbox’s FIFA 2016 gaming tournament. I’ve always had a passion for sports games – FIFA, 2K (Go Dubs), and Madden (Niners all day)*. Also love some old school Halo and that classic Banjo Kazooie. Outside of work, I like to shoot hoops, backpack the world (Mongolia is the spot), and kill the Jeopardy game. Let’s get it!


Vijay is playing Rocket League! Want to play with him? Here’s how:

  • Make sure Rocket League is up-to-date on your console with the latest updates
  • Friend Vijay on Xbox Live (gamertag: hyphylikeyeeee)
  • Load up the game and be ready to play this Wednesday, August 31st at 11am PDT

Can’t play? You can still watch on the official Xbox Beam channel. Tune in, let us know if you want to play, and ask Vijay your questions. We’ll see you online!

*The author would like to apologize to our readers for Vijay’s 49ers fandom. Go Hawks!


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