TEAM XBOX announces the 17th Annual Women in Gaming luncheon

Xbox is proud to announce the Women in Gaming luncheon is returning to the Game Developers Conference on March 2, 2017 in San Francisco. This year’s event will bring together over 350 women working in the game industry to connect and celebrate accomplishments. This year’s theme is “Be You,” a celebration of everything women bring to our incredible industry every day. Registration for the Women in Gaming luncheon will be open starting January 20th, 2017 – February 3, 2017.

Team Xbox is committed to empowering women to do the job they love. This year we will host our biggest luncheon ever with women from all across the gaming world. Thanks to feedback from our community we will be creating a more inclusive event that allows for stronger connections to be developed. Join us as we come together to celebrate you, just as you are.

Interested in speaking at this year’s Women in Gaming luncheon? Speaker submissions now open.

The Women in Gaming team are currently looking for female speakers from the industry to tell their story and speak about the unique perspective they bring to their work. Submission details and criteria are available here.

Are you a game changer? Calling all women new to the Games Industry

Xbox is giving 30 women currently enrolled in college or less than two years’ industry experience the opportunity to attend the Game Developers Conference – all you have to tell us is what motivates you and why you think you’re a game changer! Selected winners will receive an All-Access Pass to the Games Developer Conference, a ticket to the Women in Gaming luncheon, and dedicated mentoring and networking opportunities with leaders from Xbox and the games industry. Submission details and criteria are available here.


You can join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and the hashtag #WIG2017


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    How do I contact MS Studios?
    I tried to email multiple time via but never received answer.

    I was just asking why you can’t release Fable Legends codes to fans?
    We are a lot of people who want to get Fable Legends, but since nobody can continue working on it, we can’t only hope. If only a group of fans could work for free or start a kickstarter to finish the game, we could play something great.

    1. Hi,

      Now you cancelled Scalebound? Are you serious…
      After you are saying you have other good games coming. I think you don’t understand the potential of the games you are cancelling. Fable Legends, Project Knoxville and Scalebound could have been the greatest game of all time.

      How much time did I ask by email to get assets and code of Fable Legends to continue development as independant with lot of fans.

      You care too much about money? You are loosing more money by cancelling games.