Quantum Break Anniversary

One year ago Microsoft Studios and Remedy launched one of the most successful new IP’s on the Xbox One console. This game holds a special place to many of our fans with it’s time altering abilities, decision based influences, and of course the amazing story that Remedy took us all on. Remedy has put together a video and article to celebrate this occasion as well so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Remedy is no stranger to telling great stories as their pedigree would support and Quantum Break was no exception. Many of you have shared your unique experience or the fantastic art that you have created so we wanted to spend a moment to celebrate the 1 year anniversary and most importantly the community!

Of course there’s no traveling down the memories of time without bringing up what may be one of the best easter eggs “Time Knife”. Now we wont spoil it for those who haven’t finished the game but for those who have, some of the actors from the game have a reading that is worth your time here!

While we are on the track of memory lane as well, it goes without saying the OST was by far one of our favorites and your ears will most certainly thank you so be sure to give it a listen here. All credit of course to the talented Petri Alanko for creating it.


Fan Art by: Abst3rgo


Fan Art by: AleooW


Fan Art by: Evil-Owl-Loki

quantum_break_by_nessunoy59-d9xfrgk (1)

Fan Art by: NessunoY59


Fan Art by: Chibi-J


Again thank you to all our fans for supporting and continuing to support great games like Quantum Break, please share any of your best memories as well with us on our Official Twitter or Facebook account. Happy time traveling friends.


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