Custom Gamerpics

In case you missed it, Major Nelson shared that you can get your Gamerpic set to a custom image TODAY through our Xbox Beta app! We wanted to make sure to let everyone know this feature is coming but you can get yours setup a bit early to rep your custom pics.

Step one of course is to download the Xbox (beta) app which you can locate here and after you download just sign into your Xbox Live account.

You’ll notice like before you can then click customize then click on your Gamerpic to choose a new one however you’ll now see in the beta app that you can choose a custom picture.

Once you re-size and get the perfect crop you want for your pic you’ll be set to upload. Once it’s reviewed and approved by our teams you’ll begin to see it on all your devices.

After you update your gamerpic make sure to share it by tweeting it to us on our official account as we’d love to see what awesome custom pics everyone uses!

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