Phantom Dust Re-Release Available May 16th

Today we got a release date for Phantom Dust’s re-release… and it’s May 16, 2017! Yesssss!

We also received more great news. Aaron Greenberg tweeted the game will be available to download for Free on Xbox One and Windows 10!

As noted in Polygon’s interview with Adam Isgreen, there will be downloadable content (free and paid). 

“There’s a free DLC download you can do the minute you start the game that gives you a whole bunch of skills and an arsenal case so you can jump right into multiplayer with a nice assortment of cards that you can build decks from,” said Isgreen. “We’ve also got a whole bunch of accelerants that are in the game on the multiplayer side, so if you want all of the skills immediately, for a couple bucks, you can get all of the skills.”

Isgreen is quick to point out that the team has not altered the original game’s progression to push players towards paid DLC.

We haven’t changed anything about the way that the original game worked; we’ve just added this as a convenience thing,” Isgreen said. “So if people want to grind and they want to play exactly like they did when the original game came out, that is all in place. Everything about how the game works and functions is there. We really wanted to allow people to jump into multiplayer and play immediately.

from Polygon Article

We happened to sit down with Adam Isgreen recently to chat about Phantom Dust and how he’d explain it to those who may have never played or heard of it before. Watch the video below to see what he had to say!


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