2018 Winter Olympics!

The 2018 Olympics are underway!

For most of us this week is just like every other. Wake up, go to work, eat, sleep, and repeat. However, for an elite few this week is unlike any other. For those elite few this week is their chance to compete on the worlds biggest stage and represent their county in the 2018 winter Olympics. During the next two weeks the worlds best athletes will reach amazing new heights, experience unfamiliar lows, and celebrate with friends new and old alike during their Olympic journey.

Life on campus

While to my knowledge we don’t have any current or former Olympians walking around our campus I do know this. Like the Olympics we have people from all over the world working here at Microsoft. I dare say the most elite in their fields. All working together to achieve greatness in the world of technology, gaming, social spaces, and much, much more. Something that we cherish more than anything here is the diverse background in which we have here on campus.

So of course as the Olympics rolled around we had to highlight and celebrate in the only way we knew how. A giant TV, awesome representation of all the countries competing, and of course killer balloon statues. Good luck to everyone competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics!


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