State of Decay 2: All you need to know

Let the countdown begin

The wait is finally over, and unless you’ve been living under the rock you saw the news. IGN dropped an exclusive first look at the upcoming survival title “State Of Decay 2” which included the release date (May 22nd 2018) Pre-order incentives, and exclusive gameplay footage. State of Decay 2 is a bigger, badder, and bolder version of State Of Decay, that not only looks better, but plays better. Oh, and did we mention? State Of Decay 2 also boasts 4-player online co-op!

Microsoft Store: Prepper’s Pack. Pre-Order here

Head on over to IGN to get the full scoop on all things State Of Decay 2, and be sure to check back as IGN will have exclusive firsts for State Of Decay 2 all month long.

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